Real estate in Bulgaria

The country enjoys a temperate climate that combines hot summers and sunshine and snow in mountainous areas. Moving from one place to another is extremely easy thanks to the improved infrastructure. During the tourist seasons, most charter companies fly to all major destinations.

For most people, Bulgaria is a relatively unknown country that offers many attractions. The long list includes landmarks, quaint villages, medieval fortresses, monasteries, churches and bridges, contemporary monuments and cultural centers. In general, it can be said that Bulgaria successfully maintains the interest of tourists throughout the year.

The standard of living in Bulgaria is below the European average, especially in the Kingdom. Therefore, prices including those of real estate are low. However, given the increasing interest, they are slightly increased. Over the last decade, there has been a tendency for more and more people to prefer to invest in rural properties, leading to more and more attractive properties being offered.

Little is known about Bulgarians, but anyone who has spent some time in the country can confirm that they are nice people who are ready to help at any moment. Friendship and good neighborliness are fundamental principles in the lives of people in this country. Many British citizens already own properties in Bulgaria and are openly pleased with the purchase.

Properties in Bulgaria can be used in many different ways. In addition to spending the summer or winter months, properties in rural areas or around tourist destinations can be rented out. Maintenance prices are still quite low, which determines the higher passive income that the property generates.

The language barrier is a rare problem. Bulgaria has been in the European Union for more than 2 decades, and English is relatively well known to Bulgarians. In the past, this was a problem, but with the progress of the country, more and more Bulgarians speak English fluently.

A good investment in Bulgaria requires knowledge of the real estate market. We would recommend you to get acquainted with the specifics or to contact us in order to prepare you a suitable offer that suits your needs.

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